Caña Winston Boron II - MX

Winston's new fresh- and saltwater Boron II-MX series. The MX stands for maximum, as in maximum power, distance, and fish fighting capabilities. The 4-, 5-, and 6-weights are slightly stiffer and faster than their Boron IIx counterparts; the 7- through 12-weights are true "cannons" that can handle sinking lines, big flies, and adverse wind conditions. While all eleven models feature faster actions and are capable of making long distance, 100+ foot casts, they will amaze you with their responsiveness and light weight. The rods come with a cork fighting butt and our new double locking reel seat. Whether you're chucking 6'' long "grocery" flies or battling fly rod–humbling winds, a Boron II-MX will get the job done.



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